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Gears, Gauges, and Goggles

20140807_0063modAAOn Saturday, September 13th, Steampunk Invasion is coming to Dallas Heritage Village. This event will take place from 10:00 to 4:00 and a limited number of tickets are available to the public. Steampunk enthusiasts from around the country will be invading the Village in celebration of the Steampunk way of life. There will be vendors, performers, presentations, and many people in costume at this conference for regional Steampunk devotees.

What is Steampunk you may ask? Well, this blog post will give a brief description as well as “homework” in order for everyone to come to the Invasion as prepared as they choose! First, let us discuss what Steampunk is… Steampunk at its basic level is where science fiction and history mix to create a new way of envisioning the past. Mostly it is the fusion of steam powered machinery and 19th century elements. As a large museum of Victorian Era houses, you can see why the Village is the perfect location for this event! The Village itself could be Steampunk with its houses set against the modern skyline of Dallas!

When it comes to costumes for this event there are many places to find inspiration. For the gentlemen, mustaches are a must! And for the ladies, corsets and bustles are a staple. But to add a bit of Steampunk flair to regular attire, goggles, gears, and even top hats make a subtle Steampunk statement. For inspiration on how to make your own accessories, or even full costumes, check out our Pinterest board!

There are plenty of other ways to get in the mindset for the Steampunk Invasion. Avid readers may want to look into the Cinder series by Marissa Meyer to add some Steampunk fiction to their repertoire. This series is loosely based on classic fairytales; for instance, the first book of the series explores elements of the Cinderella story in which Cinderella is actually a cyborg, very Steampunk. Some Steampunk schools of thought consider the classic, The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, to be a precursor to the genre. While not actually meant to be Steampunk when written, The Time Machine includes elements with which the culture identifies today. Finally, at our event you get to take home a children’s Steampunk book! This story features the adventure of Maxwell & Oliver, two Victorian pups on their way to the moon in a flying machine inspired the historical Ezekiel Air Ship in Pittsburg, Texas. While this is by no means an exhaustive list of Steampunk literature, it can help you get your feet wet!

The Steampunk culture also transcends to a musical style and while the concerts for the weekend’s festivities are private and for Steampunk members only, you can listen to them at home and begin to converse with the Steampunk devoted! Friday night’s performers include Addisyn Madd and Darwin Prophet & Chronus Mirror. Check them out online and get a feel for how the blend of science fiction and the Victorian translates into music. For more information about the conference and the parameters of the concerts, check out the main website.

Now you should be ready to partake in the Steampunk Invasion! However, if this piques your interest but you still find yourself curious, there will be panel discussions and presentations throughout the day including such topics as “What is Steampunk?” to “I Mustache You a Question: A Gentleman’s Guide to Grooming” to “History of Fencing,” and more. Be prepared for the Nerf Battle Zone and see you there!

Visit our event page for ticket information and early ticket prices.