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The Power of Wind

This week, I had the privilege of reading our featured book and theme for Spring Fling and Barnyard Buddies this year, Gilberto and the Wind by Marie Hall Ets. Marie Hall Ets authored and illustrated this beautifully artistic children’s book about Gilberto interacting with the natural world around him. Gilberto is introduced to the natural force of wind. She personified wind by expressing various moods that children can relate to and easily understand. She also limits the palette to three somber colors that simplify, but also accentuate the power of wind and the child’s imagination. Now I do not want to give away too much of this wonderful book, just enough to pique your interest!

Wind 1

This year we are lucky to have two events that coincide with each other; Spring Fling from Tuesday March 10th to Friday March 13th and Barnyard Buddies on Wednesday March 11th at 11:00. Spring Fling is a four-day event that commences during Spring Break. This is our way for parents and children, who do not travel during Spring Break, to enjoy activities close to home. Family Programs Manager, Johna Davis, calls this a “staycation”.

In years past, we have had such Spring Fling themes as: “Connected” in 2012, where families had the opportunity to compare life today with cell phones as opposed to life in nineteenth and early twentieth century that utilized the telegraph; “Legacy of City Park” in 2013, that dealt with the history of City Park, and the importance of The Ambassador Hotel; and “Community Art” in 2014, where, as the theme suggests, families created and added to art made on The Village grounds. “Wind” is the theme for this year, taken from Ets’ children book. The second event at The Village, Barnyard Buddies, typically features one book that is read and then families participate in an activity that relates to the book. Gilberto and the Wind is being used for both events!

Now to get you a bit more pumped about Spring Fling, we will start all of the fun activities, planned throughout The Village, at 11:00 a.m. and will continue until 3:00 p.m. all week long. Taking a few lessons from Gilberto the activities will consist of: making pinwheels at the windmills,

Wind 2

making and flying kites in the valley,

Wind 3

constructing and floating sailboats in the fountain on Main Street,

Wind 4

and last but not least, blowing bubbles at The Van Cleave Bandstand.

Wind 5

I hope that the power of wind has sparked some interest, and we will see you at The Village next week!


This post was written by Guest Services Representative, Amanda Morton.